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Laboratory tests are essential in today's medical society. Diagnosing an illness or disease is not the responsibility of one single medical professional, but rather that of a team of several highly competent medical and paramedical professionals in various areas. This team is committed to reaching the most accurate conclusions possible regarding a patient's health condition.

The medical laboratory plays a central role in this effort.  A patient's medical file contains numerous laboratory test results, including some clinical and some radiological results. These test results are very important to reach a diagnosis and the subsequent treatment of an illness or disease.

The laboratory assistants at MLS use state-of-the-art equipment and automated instruments to perform laboratory tests. In addition, by continually investing in the schooling of our employees, MLS guarantees that all tests and corresponding test results are performed and interpreted based on the newest technological approaches.

The medical technician is responsible for the maintenance of the equipment. Daily checks that are based on international standards guarantee trustworthy and accurate test results within acceptable time period so that any necessary treatment can start without delay.