Welcome to MLS


On December 1st, 1992, a new era in laboratory services began on the island of Curaçao, when Medical Laboratory Services (MLS) opened its doors to provide the community of Curaçao with laboratory services of an unprecedented quality.
MLS is a very clean and hygienic laboratory where services are provided in a friendly and efficient manner, matching the best service internationally available. All tests are completed swiftly and are guaranteed to be accurate for evaluation by the client's physician.
Over the years we expanded our facilities with strategically located branches at Suikertuintje, Perseusweg, De Savaan, Brievengat, Molenplein, Tera Kòra, Kas Chikitu, Emmastad and Montaña, some of which are also open on Saturdays.


The Dutch Council for Accreditation (RvA) accredited MLS the ISO 15189 certification as of October 2012 (see RvA webpage M014). RvA is legally appointed the national accreditation entity for Holland. RvA evaluated both our management system as well as our technical capabilities, and guarantees our impartiality, market focus, integrity, transparency and competencies by granting us this prestigious status.





The ISO 15189 accreditation is an international benchmark for medical laboratories that is based on international standards for medical laboratories as well as quality management systems. This accreditation confirms that our laboratory complies with the above mentioned international standards, thus assuring its clients that they will receive high quality service. MLS is periodically audited by the RvA in order to maintain its ISO certified status.






Our services include the following types of tests: